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The way to our restaurant!

Some pictures


Our beer garden

Every summer the rustic beer garden is open and very popular.

While sitting between all these plants with their blooms and blossoms
enjoy a fresh draught beer or a fine wine.
Our manageress cares that each year
our beer garden is surrounded by all the flowers.

For an even better ambience we have a huge masoned barbecue grill
Of course, we will make it available for your next barbecue party.
Every steak or sausage will taste better if it comes from the grill!
You can find here pictures from our latest barbecue party.

You can find more pictures in our gallery.

The dining room

Unser Clubraum

This is our cosy dining room which can accomodate up to 36 people,
and where smoking is not allowed.

You can book this room for your family celebration 
or for any other festivity.
It is also a good choice for meetings.

Have a look at our gallery for more pictures.

The lounge

We would really like to say hallo to you
and to welcome you to our lounge.
You can still see that this was a mom-and-pop grocery store previously.


While you sit down and feel the love and warmth of our restaurant 
we would be glad
to pamper you with delicious food and drinks.

You will see more pictures in our gallery.