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Next to our regular menu and to our seasonal menus we would like to introduce our chefs high lights:

First we hve the Papst-Clemens-Braten.
Papst Clemens is pope Clemens II. who was born in Hornburg in 1005.
This roast is dedicated to him.

While making this pork roast our chef just uses ingredients that were available 1000 years ago.
So it is a great flavour which you might not have tasted before.
The pork will be marinaded with salt, herbs and redwine for two weeks.
The gravy will be improved by honey and onions.
We serve the roast with young carrots and and risotto made of pearl barley.

You see that it takes a long time to mature.
Therefore we offer the Papst-Clemens-Braten just for at least 10 persons.
Please let us know before hand as it takes 14 days to prepare.

Furthermore our chef loves to cook a saddle of lamb.
It will be roasted with lots of herbs and served with a gravy made of redwine and thyme.
With the roast we serve beans and potatoes au gratin.
Please note this dish is for at least 4 persons.
Please order the lamb by giving 4 days notice.

Last, but not least, we have a roast fillet of pork.
It is filled with a cream cheese and celery and served on a mushroom sauce.
This dish is for at least two persons
and needs 48 hours notice.

You can also find all these information (in German) for download here.

Typical of Hornburg

Hornburg is a town which is over 1000 years old.
In medieval times it was known for having many breweries,
which produced different types of beer and liquors.
Nowadays there is still both a beer and a liquor brewed just for our town.

Of course we would like to serve you both -
the Hornburger Landbier and the Hornburger Hopfenlikör.
The Landbier (meaning "beer from the countryside") is a dark beer
made out of hop, which was originally grown in our region.
The Hopfenlikör (meaning "liquer made out of hop") is a
delicious liquer tasting sweet and malty.

Come to us and have a try!

Hornburger Hopfenlikör Hornburger Landbier